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‘Life’ is a six-level general English course that I co-wrote with Paul Dummett and Helen Stephenson. It’s published by National Geographic Learning and Cengage Learning and features lots of content from the National Geographic archive. It’s available as a British and American edition. In 2103 it was nominated at the ELTons in the ‘Excellence in course innovation’ category. Here are some links which will take you to information about the book but also to a collection of free resources and video content for teachers to refer to.

Click here to go to Life’s main resource site for teachers with information about the books and also many ready-to-use resources.

Here’s what schools who use ‘Life’ say about it

And here’s another link which takes you to some videos we made about the course and key aspects such as using video, visual literacy and critical thinking.

Finally, you can also watch teachers using two different levels of life here and here.

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  1. Dear Mr. Hughes,

    I’m an assistant professor in Applied Linguistics and I just got in touch with your book by NatGeo, Life. I am thrilled by the topics and the way you organized it and have suggested that the department adopts Life as the EFL book for level Pre and Intermediate for the next years. I wonder, however, and I know I’ll be asked this question, what your background is. I tried to find your CV online, but wasn’t successful. I’d appreciate if you could share some info on this matter so that I may share with my colleagues.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Taiane Malabarba

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