ETpedia series


The ETpedia Series

Since I wrote the first ETpedia book, we’ve now grown the series to five with ETpedia Young Learners, ETpedia Business English, ETpedia Materials Writing and ETpedia Technology. The Business English title won ‘The David Riley Award for Innovation in Business English and ESP’ at the BESIG 2016 conference, and the series is a finalist in this year’s ELTons.

Here’s what ELGazette said about the first ETpedia:

“This wire-bound A4-size resource book is original and ambitious. Each of the one hundred units contains ten ‘ideas’. The units cover areas such as skills, resources, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. An idea is typically a tip, tool, strategy or activity. The 272 pages are packed with stimulating content – including timelines, a set of symbols for marking students’ writing, ideas for mobile learning and teacher development. The Cuisenaire Rods section has great visuals. The appendices contain useful photocopiable materials such as ‘phoneme dominoes’. Sometimes the limitations of the format mean a particular entry is short, but overall this is a one-stop treasure trove of ideas. Especially useful for new teachers, it should provide plenty of inspiration for last-minute classes. Highly recommended.”

And about ETpedia Business English, it wrote:

“This 174-page A4 wire-bound resource book is packed with tips, ideas and activities. Firstly, it clarifies ‘What is Business English?’, then looks at planning courses. It provides activities for topic areas like sales, culture, technology and management. Finally, it covers business communication skills (presentations, negotiations) and language skills (grammar, vocabulary and business writing). The ideas vary in length from short tips to longer activities or lists of expressions. The ‘10 ways to use frameworks’ unit is especially useful, providing diagrams which help students organise their thoughts. An excellent appendix contains a sample needs analysis form, a ‘collocation pelmanism’ activity, and a set of colour business cards for role plays. This is exactly the one-stop resource book I would have liked when I started teaching business English.”

For more details and resources, the ETpedia series has its own website here.

The only time that all the ETpedia authors managed to be the same place at the same time: At IATEFL Glasgow 2017 with Nicky Hockly, Lindsay Clandfield, Robert McLarty, Me & Vanessa Reis Esteves.

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