A Practical Introduction to Teacher Training in ELT

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My book ‘A Practical Introduction to Teacher Training in ELT’ has now been reviewed in different places. Here’s one from ELGazette in February 2016:

“This highly practical 168-page book introduces language teachers to the world of teacher training. The six chapters cover training techniques, monitoring teaching practice, lesson observation and managing training programmes. One innovative aspect of the book is the focus on online training, such as delivering webinars. I like the ‘graph observation form’ which provides a visual snapshot of a lesson. ‘Terminology pelmanism’ is a useful game-like activity; cards are supplied. The prose is clear; the tone is friendly and personable. This handbook fulfils the aim outlined in the title and is most suitable for those new to this area. Worth investigation.”

For further information from the publisher, click here. You can also watch part of an interview I gave about teacher training with Ben Beaumont from Trinity Exams in which I talk about why I wrote the book.


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