Ten links for classroom observation

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One of the chapters in my new book on teacher training focusses on observing lessons. This chapter draws on work I’ve done as a trainer and also my previous articles in journals such as English Teaching Professional. Here are ten links to those articles plus a few other links which should be of interest to anyone observing lessons. Note that trainers also ask me from time to time if I have video recordings of lessons to show trainee teachers when ‘live lessons’ are not available. So the last two links will take you two edited lessons that were filmed in Oxford.

1 An ETpedia blog post about observing lessons

2 Peer observation

3 Graph observations

4 Checklist observations

5 Snapshot observations

6 Post observation feedback

7 Guardian Weekly article on the stress of being observed

8 A collection of pdf observation forms to download

9 A pre-intermediate lesson on the topic of transport

10 An upper intermediate lesson using video in the classroom

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  1. Thanks a lot for that very useful websites ,,,I hope if you could share with me more others useful websites. Thank you again

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