ETpedia’s first year and over 100 more ideas

ETpediaIt’s over a year ago that my resource book called ETpedia came out. Primarily, the main idea behind the book was to be a resource for newer teachers; so that instead of having to look all over the internet for ELT ideas or buy a variety of different titles to get background knowledge on teaching, less experienced teachers could start out with a book that had the key starting points and also included practical classroom activities and tips.

One year on, the book has been used by new teachers but it has also reached a wider audience including experienced teachers and teacher trainers. In particular, the checklist style of the book has appealed to trainers who are preparing workshops for teachers. Thanks to those people who have sent so much positive feedback about how they use the book in their school.

A key additional feature of ETpedia has been the blog. Over the last year we’ve tried to build up a collection of posts by teachers, trainers and well-known authors that offer additional tips and ideas to complement the book. All these people have generously provided posts that follow the ETpedia ’10 tips’ format and the range of topics has been extraordinary. Sandy Millin wrote about teacher training, Lindsay Clandfield on using lists, Cristina Silva on the Flipped classroom, Natalia Valentini on starting an ELT Blog, Louis Rogers on IELTS speaking skills, Magda Dygala on using musicMagda Dygala on using music, Mardiana Idris on using You Tube,  Jon Hird on dyslexia, and Russell Stannard on screen capture technology. The interviews with Mario Lecluyze on using ETpedia in his teacher training, Ayat Al-Tawel using the book in Egypt, and Will Reynolds on using ETpedia in his very first year of teaching in China demonstrates the variety of users.

In the future, there will be more new posts on different topics that will appear, so keep visiting The other great news is that we’re developing a new series of ETpedia specialist titles. The first two are coming out later this year. But more of that in a later post.


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