Turning a blog into a book

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This blog has become a book.

I can’t remember when I started writing this blog but I remember the reasons. I’d been training ELT teachers for many years on different courses including Trinity Cert TESOLs and DipTESOLs, LCCI Certificates in Business English, online training for Cactus TEFL, and tailored in-house teacher training courses for language schools. During this time I’d looked online for websites and blogs that were aimed at teacher trainers. There were very few so I figured I’d start one and share some of the resources I’d created for trainers as well as including interviews with trainers and anything else that I thought might be of use. My reasons for the book are similar; there seems to be a lack of resources for new teacher trainers – instead it’s something many of us are supposed to just ‘pick up’ as we go along.

Unlike book writing, the great thing about blogging is that you get immediate feedback in the form of comments to a post, feedback via emails or even people coming up to you at conferences and giving their opinions. It’s an instant editorial on your writing with people posing questions, disagreeing with you, or asking for more on a particular topic. So, sometime later, when I suggested writing a book which would be an introduction to teacher training with Pavilion Publishing, it felt like a lot of the content had already been through reader-reviewer stage.

Blogging and book writing are also very different beasts in other ways. Blogging offers the freedom to write what’s on your mind one day, change it the next, answer questions or discuss it with a reader. You can take a day off, a month off, or longer. And of course with a blog post, when you read it months later and you realise you don’t agree with what you said anymore, you can simply press delete and pretend it never happened! Book writing offers no such luxury. It’s the equivalent of 200 blog posts day after day and they all have to relate to the post that came before. If you tweak one page, then the rest is thrown into disarray. You can’t jump onto the latest topic to enter your head and, of course, there’s no delete button once the book comes out.

Anyway, a big thanks to all the subscribers and followers of www.elteachertrainer.com in the last few years. You helped shaped the blog and so influenced my book called ‘The Practical Introduction to Teacher Training in ELT’ which is now available here.


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  1. That’s so great. Thanks a lot for this very much needed book!

  2. Hello John!
    Congrats on your new book! Would you like to send a reveiw copy to me so we can mention it in The Teacher Trainer journal? It looks very relevant to us as we are a practical journal for those who train, educate and mentor TESOL teachers. (www.tttjournal.co.uk)
    Tessa Woodward

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