7 billion: Are you typical? (Integrating video with all four skills)


In my talk summary of ‘The three i’s of graded video’, I mentioned the importance of combining images with language (see dual coding theory) and also integrating video with language teaching. In the actual presentation for this, I use a number of practical activities for classroom use to illustrate my point. Here’s one activity you can use with your students that integrates all four skills (reading, writing, listening,and speaking).

The video is free to use online from the National Geographic website (or you’ll also find it on You Tube). It’s about the most typical person on the planet basedon numbers and demographics. There’s no speaking but a series of statistics appear on screen with images. Watch the video and then read instructions for use:

Original source: http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/the-magazine/the-magazine-latest/ngm-7billion-typical/


Put the students into groups of three. One student is the group secretary and will write things down. Read out…

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