A Business English video lesson

This video comes from the DVD that accompanies Business Result Elementary. If you don’t know about Business Result, it’s a course book series from OUP that includes some excellent video related to business. Anyway, OUP have put a few online for you to see on YouTube and I’m going to be posting links to them in the next few weeks with a some suggested lesson procedures. (Note that with Business Result, there’s a more extended full-length worksheet that goes with each video.) Anyway, here’s the first post, based around a video from the series. If you like what you see, remember there are 72 videos in total with the actual Business Result series.

Topic: Offices, Relocation

Level: Elementary to Pre-intermediate students

1 Brainstorm with the class what makes a good workplace. What kind of furniture and facilities do you need? For example, comfortable desks and chairs, IT facilities, kitchen and toilets, space for staff to relax, a coference room etc etc.

2 Tell the students they are going to watch a video about Tom Sutherland. He’s looking for a new offices and they will see two different locations. They need to make notes about the pros and cons of each. Click Choosing the right location to play the video.

3 Students compare their lists and then discuss the best location for Tom. They present their views to the class.

4 As a follow-up activity, ask students to write a short report on both locations and give recommendations for the best location.

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