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I’ve been involved with a new Video Course from Oxford University Press. Working with communication skills expert Andrew Mallett, we recorded video extracts with both real business people and actors to create a series on how give successful presentations. Students can use the video on its own as its self explanatory but there is also a book that goes with it that has exercises and guides them through the videos. I’ve also written a trainer’s guide to accompany the course if you’re using it with a group. This is available and has suggestions for extra activities and photocopiables. You can download this for FREE at

Anyway, OUP have now put some of the videos online for viewing so I thought I’d show you a few here and talk you through them so you get a full idea of how a unit works in the course. These examples come from Unit 2 which gives students an overview of how to structure a basic presentation. It begins with real people talking about how they approach structuring a presentation.

Next, students watch a presentation with actors which models certain generic skills and language points. In this one, the presentation is about a company relocation and the speaker follows the basic structure. I’m afarid this only shows you the very beginning before he starts presenting but it’ll gives you an idea.

After the presentation, Andrew gives his own comments. One thing that makes the course different is that we included some presentations containing room for improvement so Andrew gives positive feedback as well as areas to work on. This was important because we didn’t want to add to the idea that there is such a thing as a ‘perfect’ presentation. Only that you have to be yourself when you present and keep developing. So at the end of a unit there’s always a Presentation Task and also a feedback/self assessment form.  Anyway, here’s how Andrew comments on the performance in the last video.

So, that’s gives you a brief overview. If you decide to try the course out, please let me know how you get on with it and the ways you use it. By the way, a follow-up title called Successful Meetings is due out later this year.

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