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  1. A topic very much in my thoughts at the moment


    When I started watching it, my first thought was “They make it sound so easy. What about the fact that most students can easily negotiate with the language they have and so have little need to extend that language?” And then they said “preparation time”, and I thought “Whoops, yes, that’s probably what my students need”

  2. Yes, I really think so many negotiations fail in class in the same way role plays fall flat – due to lack of preparation. I think sts need a 3 stage strategy:
    1 What’s you first offer and what do you expect them to counter offer.
    2 What will you offer the next time round and what do you expect them to offer.
    3 What do you realistically want and what aren’t you prepared to offer beyond.
    That way, sts have mentally worked their way through the task. Also if the other person offers something they have predicted then they should be allowed to take a break and rethink their plan.

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